Sage Lab 1

Please read all of the instructions before getting started.


This lab should be completed in groups of 2-3. You do not need to be in the same group as your presentation partner.

First, one member of your group will need to log into the Sage Notebook server. Go to (Sage recommends that you use Firefox). If you already have a username and password, sign in now. If you do not have a Sage account yet, select "Sign up for a new Sage Notebook account" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you are logged into the Sage Notebook server, you will be in your "Home" directory. You will need to upload a Sage worksheet that I have prepared for you. Select "Upload" which is the middle of three options towards the top left of your screen. Next, copy the following url and then paste it into the middle of the three options (which is labeled "Or enter the url of a worksheet file on the web"):

Note: If you enter this url into a web browser, you will be presented with a collection of meaningless symbols. You need to be in the Sage Notebook for this file to be interpreted correctly.

After you upload the file, it should open immediately for you. Your task is to read along while clicking "evaluate" on each of the Sage cells. As you read, you should try to figure out what is going on. Feel free to edit the content of the cells and add new cells to experiment.

When you are done, you should share the worksheet with me. I have provided instructions on how to do this at the bottom of the worksheet.

getting help

If you need help, you can always contact me, or even better, post a question in the forum. In addition, there are some useful links on the Sage help page.

due date

This lab is due by 8AM on Tuesday, February 23.

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