Joe Dee

My name is Joe Dee. I am just getting back into the Math Ed program here at PSU. I was a student here a few years ago. I took a few years off to start a family and am returning this semester with the hopes of finishing my Math Ed degree at the secondary level. My goal for the near future is to become a high school math teacher. My main reason for wanting to become a teacher after having a career in a separate field for some time is that it will allow me to be on the same schedule as my kids. There are many other reasons as well. Before Plymouth I attended Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY and studied Civil and Environmental engineering. I played baseball while at Clarkson and have since been coaching at the High School and Collegiate level for the past 13 years. Being a teacher will allow me to continue this passion for coaching without jeopardizing my professional career.

I will be commuting from Laconia, NH where I own a house and live with my wife and 3 young boys.

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