Sage labs

Here is a list of the Sage labs that will be assigned throughout the semester. This list will be updated as we go, so check back occasionally. Most of these labs are modifications of Rob Beezer's Sage exercises that will be incorporated into a future edition of our textbook, Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications.

It might be helpful to know what everyone's Sage Notebook username is. If your Sage username is listed incorrectly, please fix it.

name Sage username
Ali Harris aharris2
Allicia Castor amcastor
Alyson Sewell asewell
Andrew Huckins Andy2.0
Anthony Mullins awmullins
Ashley Hutchinson Hutch2517
Bradley Coté cooter
Cathy Ajamie cathyfajamie
Chris Hurley churley5511
Christin Varitimos clvaritimos
Dana Ernst dcernst
George Cavis gmcavis
Heather Meattey HAMeattey
Jacob de Boer jmdeboer72
Jacob Ross jakeross125
Jess Kelly Jnkelly
Joe Cormier JoeCormier9
Joe Dee joedee
Jordan Libby Jordandavidlibby
José Luciano josefred
Kevin Divers kdivers
Mackenzie Cayer mlcayer
Mark Tower mlTower
Matt Palermo mattjpalermo
Melissa Whittemore
Norman Toussaint norms29
Sarah Otis sotis1
Scott Russell Scrussell558
Shaun Gil spgil
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