presentations partner list

Here is the most up-to-date list of partners for making in-class presentations of homework problems. For more information see the class presentations section of the syllabus.

name 1 name 2
Ajamie, Cathy Luciano, Jose
Otis, Sarah Meattey, Heather
Toussaint, Norman Whittemore, Melissa
Mullins, Anthony Harris, Alison
Ross, Jacob Gil, Shaun
Sewell, Alyson Varitimos, Christin
Huckins, Andrew Palermo, Matt
Cormier, Joe Kelly, Jess
Lasell, Ian Divers, Kevin
Hutchinson, Ashley Dee, Joseph
Libby, Jordan & Cote, Bradley Cayer, Mackenzie
Hurley, Chris Castor, Alicia
Russell, Scott Tower, Mark
Cavis, George de Boer, Jacob
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